Monday, September 14, 2015

Welcome to Dweeb Runner!

Run: "To move swiftly on foot so that both or all feet are not on the ground during each stride."
Dweeb: "A person regarded as socially inept or foolish, often on account of being overly studious."
-The Free Dictionary

Put those two definitions together, with the exception of moving "swiftly", and that's me: The Dweeb Runner. 

Excuse me. I'd like to get by now.
(The correct way to state your intent to pass someone on the trail)

I'm a software engineer, gear junkie, wannabe hobbyist musician, runner, über nerd/geek/dork, and a DWEEB. Referring back to the definition above, I am socially inept, often overly studious (once accused of being outright pedantic). I can stay up all night reading articles which are cited by other articles that have been cited by even more articles on Wikipedia. I am also foolish, as I really only like to run very long distances, often on brutal surfaces over difficult terrain.

Actually, on a scale of 1 to Dweeb, I'm probably a 6 or 7 at best. I can only recite the lines from less than a handful of Sci-Fi movies. I don't even like Star Trek. I have never played Dungeons and Dragons. I abandoned my pure Debian Linux setup for straight up OSX on a Mac. I drink my coffee black. I don't like PBR and I don't have a fixed gear bike. Wait, now I'm confusing dweeb with hipster. Is there a difference? And perhaps I am also confusing dweeb with nerd. To be honest, I just love the word dweeb. I do wear glasses though, but only while I'm working.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and dweebery!

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